Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Ghosts" of Christmas' Past, Baking

The holidays would not be complete for us without baking, blending savory ingredients into delightfully delicious concoctions to bless our teachers, friends and family...making little treasures to give away to those we love.AMS with friend (& JDS's girlfriend), Corrine,
making home made fortune cookies (2009).
In 2003, we had several kids from a family at church
that had nine children come over to bake up
a storm with us to give jointly to the teachers
at our church as a thank-you for their service
to the Lord and investment in our children's lives.
Above is JSS at the tender young age of 3.
We like to make a birthday cake for Jesus
to have for dessert on Christmas. This
particular year, AMS got to be in charge
of making it and she very creatively decided
to decorate it as a nativity, complete with
a graham cracker stable! What a creative
mind she has...and what a yummy cake she made!
JDS at the age of 12 decorating some sugar cookie people.
His friend, Will, came over to join him that day.

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