Friday, December 11, 2009

"Ghosts" of Christmas' Past, Traditions

Since moving here in 2004, we have attended
live nativities each year with the kids. At our
old church, we participated in them alongside
our children for 10 years. Our new church does
not do this, so we have started a variation of this
tradition for the past 6 years. We invite new friends
to attend live nativities around the city with us. :)
These three photos (above, and two below) are at our
favorite, which is a drive-through nativity via
hayride. It lasts about 45 minutes and it is
truly amazing & a highlight of the season!
This year, the "Jesus" from the end of the production
hopped on our hayride at the beginning in Bethlehem
and rode through the entire thing with us, hopping
off at the end scene. It is truly one of those things
we still talk about..."remember that time Jesus rode with us...?"
Freezing cold! Brrrrr, but a ton of wonderful memories!
This church gives you blankets and hot chocolate
to help keep you warm in the freezing temps!
We do not do a traditional lunchtime meal.
Instead, we have brunch mid-morning (below)
and late afternoon/early evening dinner (above).
Sometimes we are alone, but most of the time Angie
and Sara will join us for a small family gathering.
The reason we do it so small scale is because we want
Christmas to be a restful, peaceful day. It isn't a day
which is rigorously scheduled, but instead is more
organic in nature, which we greatly enjoy! :)

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Vera said...

That was so much fun & oh so cold. . . Good memories.