Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Ghosts" of Christmas' Past, Crafting

This glass ornament is somehow frosted, leaving
our names ("Simon & Ericka") as the only clear
thing on them. It is a beautiful ornament lovingly
made for ALL of us (see below) by my sweet
sister-in-law, Amanda, in 2008.
Amanda makes home made ornaments
for each of us every year. The glass ones are
featured on our mantle this year, along with the
hand made stockings that Grandma Syrell made for all
of us over the years, all but COS's, which was made
by Simon's mom. She was born after G'ma Syrell
went to join our Jude (and many other loved ones)
in heaven, celebrating Christmas with Jesus.
COS (2007?) constructed this nativity from
a foam craft kit we bought for her.
I love the happy faces she drew on the
figures in her display, which also
came with a palm tree (not pictured).
JSS (2009) had some free time and decided
to make something with his hands.
A short while later, he came to show me
this snowman nativity ornament set
he had made out of styrofoam!
(I collect nativities, so this was
especially wonderful to me!)

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