Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Ghosts" of Christmas' Past

We're reading through Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL this year with the kids in anticipation of seeing the movie on Christmas Day. Along that line (combined with inspiration from my mother-in-law's blog), I want to share with you some snapshots from years past through the month of December. I hope you check back often...and enjoy them! :)

JDS, AMS, JLS and wee little JSS
posing for our Christmas card
as a living nativity.
JLS was not enjoying this,
bless his heart.
Dec. 2000


ame said...

Oh I love this photo! I'm so glad you posted it! It seems hard to believe this was nine years ago...special memories!

Vera said...

I so agree with AME - one of my favorites. A true classic in our family!