Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Ghosts" of Christmas' Past, Dec. 1989

I spent Christmas 1989 with Simon's family thanks
to the extreme generosity of his maternal
grandparents and this is a photo his MOTHER
took "for me." :)

Yes, that is my savory man's
19-year-old keister bending over to
the fireplace during that visit a few
short months before he popped the question.

Sweet side note: His little sister was about 6 at the time
and literally begged me the entire visit to
PLEASE be her big sister.
I definitely had a fan in cute little Amanda...
and she has had one in me from
that moment forward. :)

So, the question is...
Did I marry Simon to gain a precious little sister,
something I'd never had before, being the youngest
in my family?


Did I marry Simon to gain what
was under those shorts he was sporting
(also something I'd never had before)?

1 comment:

ame said...

LOL! That's so funny!! I'm thinking you went for the keister! And got a sister (pronounce it with a Spanish accent and they rhyme) as a bonus!