Monday, December 21, 2009

"Ghosts" of Christmas' Past, Church Life

The kids have ALL been involved in the children's
choirs/productions throughout the years
that our churches have done. Above, JSS and COS
as a part of the bell & choir production in 2009.
(The singing is not JSS's favorite, but it *is* COS's!)
AMS as Mary on Christmas Eve. She wanted to be Mary
so badly, then discovered that Mary had no speaking
parts. She was very disappointed in that. :)
Our family has been honored on a few occations
to light the advent candles and say a few words
in the service since we began attending our "new"
church. Above, a year in which my back went out,
so a friend took photos for me. Simon also had his cell
phone on speaker in his coat pocket so that I was
there in "spirit" with them. I truly am blessed to be
so enveloped by people who love me! JSS introduced
our family (not very nervous in front of all
the people, either!), each of the kids lit a candle since
it was the 4th Sunday, Simon spoke and prayed.
AMS on a happier year when she was the
head angel, with LOTS of speaking lines. :)
JSS before COS was old enough to join him in
the choir. He does not have a good poker face.
The expression is priceless as he stands up
there doing something he most assuredly does
NOT want to do...sing!

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